Projects in the Pipeline

1- Madaba Industrial Estate (MIE)          

  • The area of Madaba Industrial Estate is (500,000) m², and located within Madaba governorate. Required Studies and designs had been prepared for the implementation, and the company started, since the beginning of 2016, to establish the infrastructure for the first phase with a total area of (275,000) m². The estate will be established and developed according to the latest industrial international standards and with providing all necessary infrastructure networks. The most important industries for this estate will be the technical, pharmaceutical and light medical industries. This estate is expected to attract 61 investment projects with an investment volume of 120 million JOD and provide 1700 job opportunities.

2- Salt Industrial Estate (SIE)          

  • The total area of the plot is (472,000) m², it will be constructed in two phases, the first phase is (238,000) and the infrastructure had been implemented at the beginning of 2016; this estate is expected to attract (52) investment projects with an investment size of (85) million dinars and also provide (1500) job opportunities.

3- Jerash Industrial Estate (JIE)

  • The total area of the estate is (208,000) m², and this estate will be developed in one phase. The construction of the estate’s infrastructure has started and will last for two years. The main industries will be the pharmaceutical industries, light medical industries and paper recycling.
  • Due to the specificity of the estate, an industrial-tourism-industrial park will be established and the concept of “the one village - one product” will be aplied for the first time in the Kingdom. It is also planned to establish a trade exchange center to carry out the commercial transactions between manufacturers and importers for all factories that located inside and outside of Jordan. In addition to establish a research and studies center that specializes in the development of product lines, quality and marketing.

4-Tafila industrial estate (TIE)  .

  • It is located on the road linking Tafila to the Amman-Aqaba road and away from Tafila governorates (22 km). The area of the plot is 1,000,000 m², whereas 500,000 m² will be developed in the first phase. It’s infrastructure has already prepared. It is expected to attract 110 investment projects with a total investment of 300 million dinars and provide (4280) jobs opportunities .

5-Zarqa Industrial Estate (ZIE)

  • Zarqa Industrial Estate will be built on a total land area of 2,475,000 m². The first phase will cover 1,000,000 m². It is characterized by its strategic location, which mediates Zarqa Free Zone, Dhlail Region and Queen Alia Airport. Designs have been completed and it is expected to start the implementation of its infrastructure during the second half of 2017. it will be an excellent complex for many industries scattered in Zarqa Governorate.