"Jordanian Industrial Estate Erect New Industrial Buildings in Al-Mwaqqar Industrial Estate"

Jordan Industrial Estate Company announced the establishment of new industrial buildings in Al-Mwaqqar Industrial Estate .

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"Jordan Industrial Estates Company: A Prominent Role for Investment Security Units in Enhancing and Attracting Industrial Investments"

Across the industrial Estates scattered in various provinces of the kingdom, the Investment Security Unit and its security units deploy .

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Two agreements have been signed for the establishment of new industrial buildings in "Madaba Industrial Estate."

Today, Jordan Industrial Estates Company signed two implementation and supervision agreements for the establishment of prototype factories .

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Industrial Project for the Production of "Drip Irrigation" Technology in Al-Hussein Industrial estate in Al-Karak Governorate

Jordan Industrial Estates Company and the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature signed an investment agreement.

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Jordan Industrial Estates Company signed an Agreement of Understanding with the European Jordanian Institute for Business Development.

In cooperation with the Amman Chamber of Industry; this agreement aims at exchanging experiences between the two parties and supporting industrial companies operating in the Jordan industrial Estates, and enabling them to benefit from local and international professional and high-tech training programs. In addition, the Agreement includes sorting workshops, training courses, seminars and events to match the needs of the Jordanian and Arab labor market. .

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Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) congratulates on Labor Day: Our Industrial Estates are filled with success stories of the Jordanian Worker.

JICE emphasized that the Jordanian worker is the nucleus and backbone of production, commending the size of the Jordanian worker strengths in various professions and specialties working in the Industrial Estates under the company’s umbrella in various governorates of the Kingdom. .

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An Agreement to establish Electricity transfer station to supply Zarqa Industrial Estate

Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) has signed an agreement with the National Electricity Company to establish a main electricity transfer station at Zarqa Industrial Estate to supply it with its electrical energy needs with total cost around (9) million JOD, and it will be implemented in the Upcoming 3 years. .

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