Success stories

Al- Hussein Bin Abdullah II Industrial Estate hosts the third largest chalk factory in the world

Almost 120 young man and woman from Karak governorate were able to realize their hopes of obtaining decent job opportunities through their work in the Jordanian chalk factory in the industrial estate of Karak (Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II Industrial Estate). The factory, which began production in the Estate during the year 2012 and exports to more than 120 countries from around the world and managed itself in the list of global manufacturers of chalk material regarding to the quality of production and outstanding specifications. The factory, w.

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Multinational investments in Al-Mowaqar Industrial Estate pass towards success

The first investment in Al-Mowaqar Industrial Estate (specialized in metallurgical industries) is still a testament to the beginnings of the Estate, when its founders introduced in 2011 to set the first thresholds of investment in the estate, which opened the beginning of the year 2011, announcing the first investment in it is still in the first stages of implementation taking advantage of its proximity to the border. .

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Al-Mowaqar Industrial Estate hosts a steel company classified as the significant among top similar five in the region

As Al-Mowaqar Industrial Estate considered as a real Jordanian success story from fields of building, managing and marketing the industrial estates which meet the international standards, managed to create a fertile investment environment for local, Arab and international investments. Today it has formed the actual location for many significant industrial companies which started the manufacturing activity up to exporting their products as a Jordanian product origin as a reflection of high measures and quality. .

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