Requirements for leasing plot of land or (SFBs):

  • Contact the Ministry of Industry and trade or its offices to obtain the following approved documents:
  1. The company registration certificate or individual establishment certificate.
  2. The letter of signatory authorization.
  3. The membership certificate of the Chamber of Industry.
  • Contact ISB, where the investor is provided with options of available areas as developed free lands or standard Factory buildings and the rental rates and prices applied.

When the investor determines his or her needs, he or she shall fill out an investment application and a project profile indicating the following basic relevant information:

  • A brief description of the project.
  • The size of the project and area required.
  • The power supply required for machines and equipment.
  • The amount of anticipated daily water consumption.
  • The quantity of wastewater discharged daily.

Copies of the documents issued my MIT or by its office at JIB shall be enclosed with the investment forms as mentioned in step one.

ISB will transfer the investment application with the attached documents in the Engineering Directorate for the purpose of review.

A rental contract between JIEC and the authorized representatives of the company shall be signed, and afterwards, the annual rent will be paid.

In addition to the rental rate, the investor has to pay a onetime University fee amounting to 0.005 of the total value of the annual rent. Moreover, the investor shall pay a fee to the Ministry of Finance as revenues fee amounting to 0.003 of the annual rent.